Purpose of the project

The aim of the project is to comprehensively minimize the previously defined problems of the city. It will focus, among others, on the following activities:

  1. changing the communication habits of residents, as well as limiting car traffic in the city center;
  2. improvement of the degree of use of the infrastructure of local sports clubs by the inhabitants;
  3. increasing the pro-health awareness of the inhabitants;
  4. blurring antagonisms in the Żywiec community and building intergenerational bonds;
  5. stimulating local entrepreneurship and education aimed at the development of tourism and related industries;
  6. increasing the share of disabled people and other groups exposed to discrimination in social life, public services and electronic communication;
  7. implementation of strategic management enabling the city to enter a new development path and raising the standards of local government administration, as well as strengthening relations with residents and increasing their participation in co-governance of the city.

The result of the project will be:

  1. a permanent solution to the problem of smog through, inter alia, reducing car exhaust emissions, developing bicycle transport, improving environmental awareness and counteracting climate change in the city.
  2. overcoming strong antagonisms between the Zabłocie district and the city center by, inter alia, projects that teach integration, cooperation and tolerance, improving the city's accessibility and providing equal opportunities.
  3. permanent modernization of local government operating standards, strengthening competences in city management and improving relations with stakeholders.

The planned investment and non-investment activities include:

Improving the accessibility of public transport and creating conditions for the development of safe bicycle communication and pedestrian traffic

  1. Construction of pedestrian and bicycle routes leading the traffic of pedestrians and cyclists outside the city's main communication routes with a narrow capacity:
    1. construction of a pedestrian and bicycle route from the footbridge on the Koszarawa River to the footbridge on the Sola River
    2. construction of a pedestrian and bicycle route from the footbridge over the Sola River to Tetmajera Street towards the transfer center at ul. Słonki
    3. construction of a pedestrian and bicycle route behind the Czarni Góral football field to the footbridge in Leśnianka
    4. construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Sola River
    5. installation of bicycle stands, bicycle services as well as benches and litter bins in designated places along the routes.
  2. Installation of cameras for video monitoring and installation of renewable energy lighting at selected points.

Improving the city's accessibility and providing equal opportunities

  1. Construction of pedestrian crossings: with an integration surface and with an integration surface as well as with sound signaling. Total 2 pcs.
  2. Purchase of the device (stairclimber)

Development of a low-emission economy, improvement of cleanliness in the city and other pro-ecological activities counteracting climate change and mitigating its effects

  1. Implementation of the SMART - trash system (signaling the level of filling the garbage can in the city
  2. Implementation of the "Zielony Żywiec" program - planting pollutant-absorbing vegetation and flower meadows in the public space of the city together with the residents

Development of generally accessible sports and recreation infrastructure and space for physical activity, and popularization of a healthy lifestyle

  1. A program of recreational and sports activities for residents carried out by project partners in the facilities - for children, adolescents, seniors

Integration and social activation of residents of all districts using the city's infrastructure

  1. Preparation and implementation of a socio-educational program on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the road.
  2. Preparation and implementation of a cyclical competition for the most beautiful garden and balcony along with workshops and consultations for residents, as well as a plant sharing campaign.
  3. Preparation and implementation of a cyclical campaign to create social murals by residents

Stimulating local entrepreneurship in tourism and related industries

  1. Preparation and implementation of the "I am the ambassador of Żywiec" program.
  2. Preparation and implementation of a program to promote volunteering among school students under the slogan "I'm guiding around Żywiec and its surroundings".
  3. Development and distribution of an information prospectus encouraging to invest and live in Żywiec.

Improving the city's accessibility and providing equal opportunities

  1. Purchase of warning stickers and warning tapes to facilitate the movement of disabled people in Żywiec.
  2. Installation of an intercom at a public library.
  3. Training in the field of servicing applicants with motor disabilities, visually impaired, hearing impaired and sign language
  4. Implementation of accessibility standards and implementation of solutions related to the implementation of the so-called a mobile clerk for people who cannot come to the City Hall.

Raising the standards of local government administration and supporting the implementation of the new path of city development

  1. Audit of management processes in the city hall.
  2. Development and implementation of a system for collecting, analyzing and using data for city management.
  3. Development of a city development strategy and missing local policies in cooperation with stakeholders.
  4. Development and implementation of documents raising the standards of city management

Improving the competences and professional motivation of civil servants

  1. Conducting an audit of competency gaps of local government employees.
  2. Specialist training for employees of the Municipal Office in Żywiec and subordinate units related to the implementation of the new path of the city's development.
  3. Courses and trainings as well as other forms increasing the thematic competences of local government staff in the areas related to their official duties.

Strengthening relations with residents and other stakeholders

  1. Modernization of the city's website in order to expand participatory activities, improve the accessibility of officials to interested parties, and develop electronic communication and better adapt to the needs of the visually impaired.

Promotion of the project

  1. Information and integration meetings promoting the project for the residents of the districts.
  2. Four information events including: project opening and closing event, seminar and press conference.
  3. Information activities encouraging residents of Żywiec and people coming to the city for education, work, spending free time, etc. to change their communication habits.
  4. Implementation of the project subpage.
  5. Campaign in social media.
  6. Information boards at investments
  7. Public Relations Activities
  8. Dissemination activities, among others: webinars, discussion group, good governance workshops, good practice guide, study visits.

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